We help our clients understand the operating environment in Yemen by providing on-going analysis of current trends, main events and players, and key issues in Yemen.  Our electronic publications are written and edited by highly experienced analysts with a deep knowledge of Yemen. Our publications are available through subscription or by purchasing individual reports. We also offer tailored reports and papers on specific topics on demand. Please contact us to learn more about our publications.


Sometimes, having the facts is not enough to select a path forward. You need insight to be able to choose the right course of action. Successful policy and project design and implementation rely on genuine assessment of the needs and interests of the various stakeholders and the understanding of formal and informal power structures established by those stakeholders.

We offer rigorous qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand and map out stakeholders. We also conduct research to identify past initiatives and comparative experiences in Yemen and internationally to help our clients develop and implement evidence-based policies and programs.

We work with our clients on program and project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Depending on the need of the client, we can provide hands-off strategy and implementation recommendations or take a more involved shoulder-to-shoulder approach.

Special Briefings

We advise our clients on how to negotiate through and navigate the social, political and bureaucratic structures in Yemen to minimize resistance and produce results. We draw on our extensive network of senior experts in different sectors who can provide face-to-face, confidential briefings tailored to the client needs. These special briefings can be organized at a location convenient to the client and is open to different formats. Please contact us with your specific needs and we are happy to discuss the details.